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What is Enlite™?

Enlite™ is a cloud-based public-safety-grade radio and telephone dispatch console system.

A World of Information

Intelligent Dispatch

A world of information

Enlite™ empowers dispatchers by bringing LMR, P25 and telephone call-taking capabilities to their fingertips. With a growing wealth of available data integrations such as social media, CAD, mapping, weather, video and SMS messaging, the right information is always available.

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Dispatchers are empowered through a growing wealth of available and configurable data integrations such as social media, CAD, over-the-top service feeds, weather, and video.


Allows organizations of all sizes to benefit from reduced fixed costs, infinite cloud scalability, and pay-by-need equality.

Connect Anywhere

Enables communication and information to be shared via WiFi or LTE-enabled laptop, desktop, tablet and/or smartphone from almost anywhere. Connects LMR, P25, DMR, analog radio, and all types of telephone systems.


Uses industry best practices and modern encryption to ensure all voice, information, and data streams are kept safe.


Cloud-based architecture minimizes disruption risk through geo-diversity and geo-redundancy.

Technology Bridging

Fully integrates with your current on-premises dispatching solution, providing a seamless migration toward cloud technologies now and into the future.

Dispatch is Powerful

About InterTalk

Enlite was developed by InterTalk, a critical communications specialist firm that provides exact-fit dispatch console solutions to some of the largest public safety and critical infrastructure organizations in the United States and Canada.

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Features & Benefits

Enlite™ works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones - providing operational continuity wherever you are.

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Reduce your hardware footprint

Cloud-based architecture reduces the need for rack upon rack of equipment in the dispatch center, making Enlite™ an affordable option for agencies of all sizes and compositions.


Enhance your situational awareness

Enlite™ empowers dispatchers by providing a wealth of available information at their fingertips, connecting them with agents in the field. This allows first responders and field agents to be better informed and equipped to handle whatever situation they face.

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