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Intelligent Dispatch

Enlite™ is North America's first mission-critical dispatching solution empowered by the cloud. Enlite brings together LMR, P25 and telephone call-taking capabilities to dispatchers fingertips. With a growing wealth of available data integrations like social media, CAD, AVL, mapping, camera feeds, weather, and video, the right information is always available.


Enhance situational awareness

Enlite empowers dispatchers by providing a wealth of available information at their fingertips and connects them with agents in the field. This allows the field to be better informed and equipped to handle whatever situation they face.

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Connect Anywhere

Enlite enables mission-critical communication and information to be shared via Wi-Fi or LTE-enabled laptop, desktop, tablet, and/or smartphone from anywhere in the world, wherever your operations take you. Connecting land mobile radio (LMR), P25, and all types of traditional or VoIP phone systems, Enlite ensures your team is always connected -- whatever they use, and wherever they are.


New-Gen Reliability

Enlite's cloud-based system architecture minimizes the risk of disruption to your operations by providing geo-diversity and geo-redundancy. Enlite's platform is hosted inside a secure data centre, completely separate from your operations, providing insulation from local disaster events and maintaining service continuity like never before.

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Event Intelligence

Enlite provides your dispatch team unparalleled access to the information that matters during critical events, giving them the power to curate and push out what is relevant to the field team. Get best-in-class information from filtered social media, traffic services, weather feeds, maps, and more, and send the most pertinent information through to the field as it becomes available.


Reduced Fixed Costs

Enlite does not require rack upon rack of hardware equipment -- centralized servers move to the cloud, providing reduced hardware footprint, increased space in your back-office, reduced maintenance and energy costs, and more. Because licenses are subscription-based, Enlite allows organizations of all compositions to benefit from pay-by-need equality and the infinite scalability of the cloud. No more large, upfront capital expense costs!

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Your Technology Bridge

Enlite can serve as your stand-alone dispatch console system, or fully integrate with your current on-premises dispatch solution, allowing for a seamless migration toward cloud-based technologies and integrations. Never before has the cloud connected analog or legacy radio, digital radio, and telephony all in one powerful control room solution.



Enlite is built for public safety and critical infrastructure applications. Enlite uses industry best practices and modern encryption to ensure all voice, information, and data streams are kept safe.

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Active shooter situation requiring awareness from real-time video, social media monitoring, calls.

Enlite enables the curation, monitoring and distribution of a variety of inputs enhancing situational awareness.


Leadership required at the point of an emergency event.

Enlite enables a full-functioning dispatch environment from any Internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone.


Unit Chief needs to monitor channels while traveling outside of typical zone.

Enlite enables the remote monitoring and push to talk (PTT) of P25, LMR & telephony channels through a connected smartphone.


  • Android & Windows Chrome Browser Compatible
  • Instant Recall Recorder
  • Large-Screen Display
  • Mobile Display
  • Dynamic Map Display
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Video Feeds
  • On-Screen Clock
  • Role Based Authentication
  • Flexible, Configurable User Interface
Radio Dispatch
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR)
  • Multi-Select
  • SIP Recording
  • Radio History Playback
  • Connect Bluetooth Device
  • ILS Integration
  • Voter Communication/Status
  • RoIP Gateway*
  • P25 CSSI/DFSI*
  • AUX-IO Integration*
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 & Tier 3*
  • MCPTT*
  • Tone Encoder*
  • Patching*
  • Telephone Paging*
  • Analog Paging*
  • Channel-Marker Tone*
Telephone Dispatch*
  • VoIP Telephone Call-Taking*
  • Automatic Call Distribution*
  • Call Queues*
Enlite Group Communication
  • Push-To-Talk (PTT) Between Enlite Users
  • 1-to-1 calls*
  • 1-to-many calls (ad-hoc groups)*
  • Up to 100 groups/channels*
  • Location Tracking*

*Future phase

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